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iOS 8

I have installed #ios8 on iPhone 5s.  No problem all apps working fine. No Los of data. PLEASE BACK UP FIRST before updating

20,000 hits

We have had over 20,000 visitors to our website:
We would like to thank you all who have purchased and had a wireless alarm installed since this website was launched in March 2013 
If you would like your alarm, repaired or serviced, or just have a new wired or wireless burglar alarm system can call myself Chris on:
0151 47624210800 860031607973921680

Free phone line connection, from absolute wireless alarms Liverpool

It is a fact that 95% of Home Burglaries happen to houses that do not have a working Intruder Alarm, with a percentage of the remaining 5% happening due to leaving doors and windows wide open etc. 
Another fact is that a lot of Wireless Alarm Systems found in D.I.Y, outlets do not quite cut the mark.  A saying i found true was "you pay for what you get", well, when it comes to Wireless Alarm Systems, this is a true statement.
At ABSOLUTE wireless alarms liverpool, we only use Class 2 / 2, 2 / 3 Wireless Alarm systems.  You can find out more information on our website.
Systems start from £349Let us know, you found us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, we will give you free phone line connection, providing you have a fixed working landline.
Give us a callWe have over 20 years in this business.

Wireless alarms from £349

#Wireless #alarms #liverpool we provide a full prompt service. No hidden charges, the price we #quote is what you payGive Chris a call on 080086003160797392168001514762421

Power G. From VISONIC

We are now using POWER G from  Visonic

PowerG is Visonic's revolutionary wireless technology for burglar alarm systems. It literally redefines the reliability of wireless intrusion alarms. And, it fully answers the most demanding needs and requirements facing the security industry today. 
Our range of power matter 10 and power master 30 alarm systems, are the best you could buy in wireless alarm systems and it's almost certainly more reliable than a wireless system, with less mess and fuss.
Over the next few weeks we will be updating our websites to give you the option to choose power master products.

Justice for the 96

#jft96 A day of sadness. Let's see how many people stand up for the 96, from upperclass circles that thought it was the fans fault, just so they can be seen to be seenThe only way we will ever get justice is when everyone who can be brought to justice has passed away themselves. And a smug get from government and police says SORRY but we may have got it wrong

10000 hits

Our website has hit the 10000 hits markThank you for the support and business this site has gave to us
Jus 12 months ago I made this website as a test site for wireless alarm systems, to see what would happen, I was surprised how well people have responded to a basic site, and the business it has gave to absolute alarmsTHANK YOU.

Wireless alarm system £349

Spring is hear let me give a spring price deal
A fully fitted wireless alarm system for your home £349 
Have 2 systems installed for you and a friend and we will give you phone connection on your system FREE OF CHARGE. Saving you £45 each 
1 door contact2 PIR detectors Control unit with 2 key fobsWorking bell box, with strobe and LEDs Dummy bell box for back of property
Further devices can be added to this system, if you require so. 
This example would cover your living room, kitchen, and front door.
This is a grade 2 class 2 systemNot a DIY system such as that you would find in B&Q or ScrewfixYou can call. Chris Saphier Absolute alarms:
0151 4762421079739216800800 8600316
Or visit my website:

Wireless or wired alarm system

Have a wired alarm system installed for just £234.00Have a wireless alarm system installed for £299.00 and merseyside There are many good reasons to install a wireless alarm system, but it is important to think about how to use it. So why might you install a wireless system? Are there any reasons not to install a modern interconnected system?There are some very good arguments for and against these systems and we’ll take a brief look at just a few of them here.
The Pros of Wireless Intruder AlarmsIt’s very easy to install and later re-fit the system if you decide to redecorate – or even move home.Great for renters! Because the Infinite Prime alarm system and visonic system is wireless, it is unintrusive: there’s hardly even a need to tear the wallpaper, let alone rip the walls apart.Fully customisable: the system can be expanded with modules that detect smoke or fludding as well as motion and shock for full home protection.With this pro…