Thursday, 28 January 2016

Check out the crime

Have a look where you live, to see the crime on the police website.
Give us a call to check, service, repair alarm system
Full insterlation of wired and wireless alarm systems. 


At the moment burglary in on the up in Sefton, make sure you lock you homes, if you have alarm system, make sure your using it. If it's not to good, we can do a service and repair from £43. Most alarms can be repaired. Give me a call on 0800 8600316. The call is free, if we can't repair your system, then no charge will be applied. Our full installation of wired systems start from £234, our wireless systems start from £349. As I said the call is free. Make sure you keep keys away from view, think twice as you leave your home and make sure your security is working for you.