Monday, 25 July 2011

alarm and cctv systems

We install security systems in and around merseyside.

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Why do people treat her the way they do after her drug taking and drinking,  her attitude to people and life, if she was not famous and she was a back street girl from London, Birmingham, or Liverpool, you could call her a smack head, she would even have problems getting into Tesco. 

play with drugs if your famous it's fine, if not you are scum.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

lion os for mac

I posted a tip about Lion OS for Mac pc, look at this video for info about Lion


We would like to send our condolcers to all involver in the tragic events in Norway.

Fo relatives and people in the UK who want to contact Norway, you can call +47 81 502 800 

 Sky News, for further information.

Friday, 22 July 2011

lion os application problem

After I installed Lion, I had duplicate applications in Launchpad.  I tried reinstalling Lion and they remained.  Another troubleshooting techniques was depressing control + option+ command and that yielded no results.  

How do I get rid of the duplicate applications?

Well this what I did.

This is a known bug in Lion. The Launchpad database does not update properly. More info can be had at contents/

To force the LaunchPad to refresh its database, run the following command in Terminal:
sudo rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db
You'll be prompted not to mess with sudo commands, and then asked for your admin password. This will delete the database that is used to populate the LaunchPad.

To apply the change and make the LaunchPad create a new database, run this command:
sudo killall Dock
The Dock will restart, along with Mission Control and the LaunchPad. The grid of icons should be refreshed, and the changes you have made to the applications should be visible.

This worked for me, and only took a few seconds.



Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stewart Downing would prefer to join Liverpool,

Author: Sky Sports

Extending burglar alarm effectiveness with video surveillance

Mark S. Wilson, vice-president of marketing at Infinova, says that any user whohas both an alarm system and a video system should really integrate them. Find out why.
Security integrators can help their customers extend the effectiveness of their users’ burglar alarms by integrating them with their surveillance systems.
Many customers want to have video integrated with their burglar alarm system so that, if a door opens when it should be closed, motion detectors register the event and prompt the video system to capture images near that door.
An alarm is sent to the on-site security team, directing them to view the cameras covering that area to investigate what's going on.
With such an integration, surveillance cameras record intrusions based on forced entries or detected motion.

Forensic record

Alarm notifications can be handled directly by the people manning the monitoring station as they can visually see the intruder, reducing false alarms and increasing authority response time. In addition, there is now a forensic record to provide to law enforcement.
Upon being notified of a problem, a small business owner can be notified by phone and log onto his/her home computer or laptop to verify what is happening.
At larger facilities, the security guard responding to a break-in can view the affected area on his hand-held smart phone in real time as he's responding to the alarm.

Determine alarm authenticity

Such integrations relieve the burglar alarm system of its most glaring weakness – anti-theft alarm systems are likely to have high false positive rates.
Through the use of mobile devices, alarm monitoring integration solutions can quickly determine the authenticity of the alarm, capturing real-time alerts, and use multimedia mobile phone video clips, sent directly to security guards’ mobile phones.
As a result, users can efficiently reduce the incidence of false positives because guards and other authorized individuals can immediately view the alarm scene to determine if there is a real security threat or not.
Perhaps the alarm is real or was simply caused by an animal or wind.

Installation is simple

In its most elementary form, it is quite easy to integrate alarm systems with video systems.
One simply connects the I/O boxes to the surveillance DVR via a USB or a cable of choice.
Then, connect the dry contacts, smoke sensors, heat sensors and other alarm sensors to the I/O box inputs.
In the surveillance software, arrange that the alarm input from an IO device will alert authorized individuals via email.

Low-cost solution

Configure the email address to be the address of the security management system device so that a text message is received on alert from the surveillance system.
Then, users remotely log into the surveillance system from a computer or mobile phone to see what is going on.
Any user who has both an alarm system and a video system should really integrate them.
It’s an easy, low-cost solution that will pay dividends quickly, not only cutting false positives but, when there is a problem, assuring that first responders know exactly where to go and what to expect when they get there.

ipad 3, is it coming

The Ipad 2 was, and still is a hit, when it comes to tabs
The word is that an Ipad 3 is coming, I think NOT, well not in 2011.
have a look at this youtube Vid.

Maybe you should start thinking of the Iphone 5, after all when was the last Iphone put out by Apple. 

Friday, 8 July 2011


With over 15 years of experience in the Intruder Alarms industry, Absolute Alarms provides fantastic alarms and cctv systems to customers throughout the local area. Set up in 1995, the business is located in Bootle, and covers Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Helping clients to get the best in electronic security as soon as possible, the company supplies businesses with a professional alarm and cctv installation service. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff, the service is designed to be cost effective.

The company supplies several types of Alarm systems, as well as CCTV systems that are easy to operate and understand.


Mark Zuckerberg has debuted the new feature on facebook: you can now video chat with your friends.

apple imac lion os

Lion os, the new operating system for MAC, coming any day soon, possible 14th of July, we hope.
Have a look at apple's website, make sure you have the latest version of snow leopard OS on your mac, this will make it easy to upgrade, using the Mac Store

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Genie releases CCTV and access control interactive technical specification guide for 2011

The new 2011 CCTV/Access Technical Specification Guide from Genie CCTV Ltd, features a line-up of product launches for both CCTV and access control installers and system designers.
The specification guide introduces a new range of cameras featuring the Pixim Seawolf sensor, which boasts 690TVL of useable resolution and WDR, making it suitable for most lighting conditions.
Among the new product line up in the guide, there is also a new range of network IP PoE cameras with resolutions from D1 to 5 Megapixels, a Hybrid DVR, and 5Ghz 300Mbps wireless outdoor bridges.
Completing the line up of new products in the specification guide, there is the BIOCARD 8, an all-in-one individual patented dual chip biometric proximity device for positive identification, a range of standalone and networked biometric readers, electric strikes, and more.
To view the online interactive technical specification guide, visit or download a pdf copy from the Genie site.
Binit Shah, Genie’s marketing and new business development manager, said: "2011 will be an exciting year for Genie CCTV Ltd with important technology launches in all our key product areas of CCTV and access control.
“Buyers and Installers will find details in our 175 page interactive technical specification guide user friendly and very easy to follow."

Everton will introduce pricing structure

Everton will introduce a new competitive pricing structure for Barclays Premier League matches next season – including money off standard prices for at least two fixtures.
Following on from the season ticket price freeze announced for 2011/12 earlier this year, Blues officials have revealed that a new grading system will be introduced for all league games at Goodison Park.
There will be five categories of game  - grade A-E - with the prices reflecting the scale and the timing of the fixture.
The grade A game will carry the highest premium whilst the Club has introduced Grade E games that will be cheaper than the standard 2011/12 prices.   Grade D is the standard matchday price for next season and covers 50 per cent of fixtures.
Alongside the new grading system junior prices remain half the price of adult fixtures for all games and in all areas of the stadium.
Chief Executive Robert Elstone said: “The changes we have opted to make for next season have come about following research we conducted in last season’s fans’ survey.
“We asked a wide range of our supporters to identify what they believed was the optimum pricing for attending matches at Goodison Park and for 2011/12 we have managed to build our entire pricing structure around this – both season tickets and match by match prices.
“In what continue to be tough economic times, we are aware that we needed to make some positive changes, as well as keeping the popular junior offer from last season and we hope as many fans as possible will be able to take advantage over the coming campaign."
Adult Price
Junior Price
Over 65s Price
Standard + £5
Standard + £2.50
Standard + £3.75
Manchester United and Manchester City
Standard + £4
Standard + £2
Standard + £3
Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Bolton
Standard + £3
Standard + £1.50
Standard + £2.25
Standard 2011
Stoke City and Blackburn
£25 in all areas
£12.50 in all areas
£18.75 in all areas

Top Balcony
Main Stand
Upper Gwladys
Lower Gwladys
Upper Bullens
Lower Bullens
Park End
Family Enclosure