Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy 2016

May we wish you all a happy new year from absolute alarms. Hope you all have a good 2016.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

iPhone 6s

@absolutealarms: #iPhone6s is quite a nice phone I got mine yesterday. Well worth upgrade from my #iphone5s  love #3DTouch

Sunday, 16 August 2015

We haven't changed our pricing, in 5 years


Our pricing policies, has not changed in five years, however we have removed ourselves from payed telephone directories, as there pricing for adverts no longer justifiable, this means we can maintain a good pricing structure, we have been trading a long time so the internet social media and networking is our goal, having said that 80% of our leads come from customer recommendations.

Have look at this video

Friday, 10 July 2015

KP-250 PG2 visonic keypad, don't buy if you install wireless alarms

EKP-250 PG2 do not buy this product 
Two-way keypad especially designed to work with the hidden PowerMaster-33 G2 panel, and also works with PowerMaster-10 G2 and PowerMaster-30 G2

Don't buy this keypad 

Hear is my own personal experience of installing the power-master system with remote keypad  KP-250 PG2 in my home and how Visonic have dealt with the situation when things have gone wrong. 

I have been installing alarm systems in the domestic market for over 20 years.
About 6 years ago I started installing Visonic wireless systems as I found these systems to be the most stable wireless intruder alarm system on the market for domestic and light commercial installations. 

The reasons why I have installed power-master 30 in my home, was because I had a lot of renovation work and had to remove my old Galaxy16 alarm system which left me to make a choice of a wired or a wireless system, so the power-master 30 was the best wireless system for me, so I thought

Power-master 30,
KP-250 PG2 keypad,
4 Pg2 PIR units, 
1 door contact,
2 shock detectors, 
A wired bell box,
4 PROX tags,
Smoke / heat  alarm 
GSM Phone Dialer,

The big crash. At least once a month 

On disarming, the keypad can crash, showing a message: communicating, on the screen. 
When this happens you must go to the end station to disarm system after doing so you must take battery's out of keypad to reset keypad, by this time all hell breaks loose, not a good thing at 6:30am. 

Setting and unsettling the system, is a joke. 

Setting system
To set the system, you must press any key then lock or home. 2 keys
You cannot introduce the tag to set system, so all uses have to know this when setting system

Un-setting system 
press any key then unlock then code or present tag  at least 2 keys before code or tag are used 
If that's confusing to you, then how do you think the end user copes 

On entry, the system should be waiting for the tag or code to disarm, not a big thing to ask but all users must be shown how to disarm, which is confusing to people. 


When I reported the situation to my supplier, Visonic advised us to remove batteries from keypad to resolve crash problems, which I have done 3 times, not bad at 6:30 in morning or when someone wants to unset system, maybe you could provide a screwdriver with a built in tag. 

When I asked about a resolution to this problem, I was told to return the keypad as they were not willing to provide a replacement, the sales rep said that's the way things are, now that put me in a situation as I have no house alarm or I must leave loft ladder down so we can use system as we don't have key fobs 

Can you imagine if I had installed this system and couldn't replace on site and leave the customer without security system.


As an alarm installer, it makes me look stupid installing this keypad in my home, the family just don't like using it as its to awkward. 
We have had three false alarms in 2 months, we never had one problem with the Galaxy 16 in 10 years.

The system without keypad is fine, except for not having the ability to use the PROX tags, like you can on the powermax complete system 
But I do advise not to spend £100 on a keypad that is without saying a load of junk. 

If you want to install a Visonic wireless alarm in a domestic property, I suggest the powermax or espress, but don't add remote keypads.  

Chris Saphier 
Absolute alarms 
Give me a call if you like further information, or to clarify, 
I would appreciate a response from Visonic, 
If you are an installer. What exsperance have you had with this keypad 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The question

Everyone seems to be asking the same question about Jeremy Clarkson:

"Should he be fired?"

Is it me or is there a more interesting question to ask?

"What if the producer was really annoying?"

Just a thought.....


Thursday, 5 February 2015

How are we doing on Google
Look how Google see us at absolute alarms.

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Alder Hey children's hospital

Hi from absolute alarms. If we get 10.000 likes on our Facebook page or 10,000 followers on our Twitter page. Which has 3000 followers at the time of posting this post, we will donate £1000 to Alderhey children's hospital Liverpool. 
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Thank you 
Chris Saphier
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy 2015

Happy #NewYear from absolute alarms #Liverpool, my I Chris Saphier thank you all. 2015 is going to a good year for everyone