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Wireless alarm system £349

Spring is hear let me give a spring price deal
A fully fitted wireless alarm system for your home £349 
Have 2 systems installed for you and a friend and we will give you phone connection on your system FREE OF CHARGE. Saving you £45 each 
1 door contact2 PIR detectors Control unit with 2 key fobsWorking bell box, with strobe and LEDs Dummy bell box for back of property
Further devices can be added to this system, if you require so. 
This example would cover your living room, kitchen, and front door.
This is a grade 2 class 2 systemNot a DIY system such as that you would find in B&Q or ScrewfixYou can call. Chris Saphier Absolute alarms:
0151 4762421079739216800800 8600316
Or visit my website: