Coronavirus information

 Important information about #COVID-19: As from Wednesday October 14. Any appointments booked will only be on an emergency capacity. This is where we are required to call at a property in which a security system is causing stress or concerns to you and or others. If you have made a booking for an installation, then this will continue with COVID safe distance requirements in place.  We understand things are confusing, and we are as confused, your safety and ours are important in the difficult times we are in  Chris saphier Absolute Alarms  #liverpool  PLEASE CALL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND ANY ADVICE WE CAN OFFER  08008600316 01514762421 07973921680

Coronavirus notice

COVID-19: Supporting our customers We want to reassure our customers that we are here to help.  Absolute alarms and ABBA alarms liverpool will only be providing an emergency call out service. There will be no new business until further notice.  You can still contact us by phone for advice and if possible we will try to provide the best solution to your problem over the phone.  We will still give quotations over the phone or by email and other social media platforms, and take bookings to commence from 1st of May 2020. if restrictions are lifted by the government sooner then we will contact you directly to rearrange appointments. The main priority for us all is to restrict our moments and try to stay at home as much as possible.  May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for the business we have had for so many years and wish everyone well in the fight against this vicious and look forward to doing business soon.  Chris  Absolute Alarms Liverpool

Burglar alarm system Website to cover merseyside

We have produce a website that will cover all our products and services. https://absolutealarmsystems/

Website under construction

Hi all our website Absolute Security Solutions. Is having a rebuild. The web address has had a redirect, until new site is complete. We decided to make changes as site was old and looking outdated,

Alarms liverpool, how to find us.

Hear are ways to find us at absolute #alarms #liverpool for #alarms for #CCTV for #electrican or our main site go to

Working after playing

Hi everyone, back in full service after a short holiday. If you have left messages, I will contact you soon. If you have contacted  Darren, who has been taking care of things, I hope all went well, contact me if you require further assistance.  0151 4762421 0800 8600316 07973921680
Private car parks use ANPR camera systems. They can obtain info from DVLA. Could this data be used to rob your car ?