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Watch what you put on face book twitter and other social networks

Home security is an increasingly important issue for many people. New threats against your home seem to emerge every day, absolute alarms have found. The latest tricks from innovative thieves and burglars include watching your social media postings to figure out when you go to work or leave for holidays. There are many reasons to install a security system in your home in the face of this growing menace. Here are 10 of the most motivating. 1. Interviews with captured burglars have revealed a shocking insight into their psychology. It turns out that just the sight of an alarm system will turn almost 80% of these criminals away. They prefer less risk in their targets. They do not even bother to test the system in most cases. The cheapest system that you buy could be much more effective than you think as long as criminals can see it. 2. You can also incorporate many alarm systems with fire alarm systems. This creates added security because your alarm will not only wake you up, it will

Are yellow pages dead

We at and Say good buy Over the last 10 years I have pumped about £500 a month into yellow pages. It's time to say goodby ITS JUST NOT WORTH THE OUTLAY. We are now only an Internet company. When you work it out, they have made a huge fortune out of small business, even though we made profit, they still overcharged, now we look back GOODBY THE BIG YELL BOOK


WIRELESS ALARMS LIVERPOOL   FROM £299.00 W e only use Class 2 / 3 Wireless Alarm systems.   ( NOT DIY ) You can find out more information by clicking the on the image. We will build your alarm system around your requirements. We will give you a  FREE  dummy bell box, as well as an additional internal  sounder  to complement your new alarm system and make it comp lete.   CALL   0151 476 2421 A full wireless alarm system from £295.00

for your information

bsolute Alarms  shared a  link . 10 February -------------- FOR YOUR INFORMATION ------------ Our friend Annin Blonko, from home security in the states takes you through some of the bits used in home alarm systems, this gives you a better understanding of what you may use, however there are a lot of other products we can offer. 0151 4762421
Absolute Alarms Tuesday  via  Mobile Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our websites and blogs If you find your having problems logging in, then please just phone us, so we can help you. 0800 8600316 0151 4762421. 07973 921680. Thank you

Our websites are getting an update

We are about to make changes to our websites. If you would like to have your linked added to our sites. Please contact me One site that has had a little clean up is Have look and give suggestions. I know it's a while since we have used this blog, but we will be cleaning this up to