Watch what you put on face book twitter and other social networks

Home security is an increasingly important issue for many people. New threats against your home seem to emerge every day, absolute alarms have found. The latest tricks from innovative thieves and burglars include watching your social media postings to figure out when you go to work or leave for holidays. There are many reasons to install a security system in your home in the face of this growing menace. Here are 10 of the most motivating.

1. Interviews with captured burglars have revealed a shocking insight into their psychology. It turns out that just the sight of an alarm system will turn almost 80% of these criminals away. They prefer less risk in their targets. They do not even bother to test the system in most cases. The cheapest system that you buy could be much more effective than you think as long as criminals can see it.
2. You can also incorporate many alarm systems with fire alarm systems. This creates added security because your alarm will not only wake you up, it will also send a message to fire authorities instantly.

3. With a home security system in place, you do not have to worry about calling the police when an intruder is detected. You can focus on your immediate safety and that of your loved ones while the computer calls for the police.

4. A light sleeper can hear a window break or a door suddenly open, but only a security system with motion detectors can spot someone lurking outside your home while you sleep. Lights that automatically turn on when the criminal approach can deter them from even thinking about your house as a target.

5. You will sleep easier knowing that you are protected by your system. Little is worse than trying to sleep while you are worried about your own safety and that of your family. With a quality home security set-up in place, you will sleep like a rock knowing that there is nothing to worry about.

6. You might think that you are prepared enough for any thief and have no reason for a security system. If you have small kids in the house, get the security system to prevent them from ever experiencing any kind of close encounter.

7. The lights that illuminate the surroundings of your house in response to intruders will also brighten up the whole neighborhood. Just having one house with a quality system in place will make the entire neighborhood more peaceful.

8. You may be able to get discounts in home insurance if you have a security system.

9. Many systems come with remote controls. You can activate and deactivate the security protocols without even visiting your house. This allows you to keep your house safe when you are away but you can also let friends and family in without making a trip back home.

10. Some security companies will include a guarantee against theft. If someone does

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