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iOS 8

I have installed #ios8 on iPhone 5s.  No problem all apps working fine. No Los of data. PLEASE BACK UP FIRST before updating 

20,000 hits

We have had over 20,000 visitors to our website: We would like to thank you all who have purchased and had a wireless alarm installed since this website was launched in March 2013  If you would like your alarm, repaired or serviced, or just have a new wired or wireless burglar alarm system installed. you can call myself Chris on: 0151 4762421 0800 8600316 07973921680 THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING US ON FACE BOOK, TWITTER AND GOOGLE+ 

Free phone line connection, from absolute wireless alarms Liverpool

It is a fact that 95% of Home Burglaries happen to houses that do not have a working Intruder Alarm, with a percentage of the remaining 5% happening due to leaving doors and windows wide open etc.  Another fact is that a lot of Wireless Alarm Systems found in D.I.Y, outlets do not quite cut the mark.  A saying i found true was "you pay for what you get", well, when it comes to Wireless Alarm Systems, this is a true statement. At ABSOLUTE wireless alarms liverpool, we only use Class 2 / 2, 2 / 3 Wireless Alarm systems.  You can find out more information on our website. Systems start from £349 Let us know, you found us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, we will give you free phone line connection, providing you have a fixed working landline. Give us a call We have over 20 years in this business. 01514762421 07973921680 08008600316  

Wireless alarms from £349

#Wireless #alarms #liverpool we provide a full prompt service. No hidden charges, the price we #quote is what you pay Give Chris a call on  08008600316 07973921680 01514762421