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Security tip, an alarm you may already have

Here’s an idea… Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will continue to sound until either you turn it off or the car battery dies. This tip came from a neighborhood watch coordinator. Next time you come home for the night and you start to put your keys away, think of this: It’s a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation. Test it. It will go off from most everywhere inside your house and will keep honking until your battery runs down or until you reset it with the button on the key fob chain. It works if you park in your driveway or garage. If your car alarm goes off when someone is trying to break into your house, odds are the burglar/rapist won’t stick around. After a few seconds all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and sure enough the cri

Galaxy s4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here. One of the most anticipated handsets in while, Samsung has taken the wraps off the device at a glittering event at New York's famous Radio City Music Hall. Needless to say the likes of the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and the now aging iPhone 5 have some pretty meaty competition, so here's our complete lowdown on the new handset. But if you're more interested in checking out how the S4 runs against the competition, here's our fist fight between the devices: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920 Samsung Galaxy S4 release date and price The Samsung Galaxy S4 will roll out with a staggering 327 operators across 155 countries and the Galaxy S4 release date is 26 April. Check here for all the Samsung Galaxy S4 US carriers We expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 price to be about £480/$725/AUD$695) SIM-free although the Galaxy SIV price is yet to be confirmed.

Wireless alarms, from Absolute. 0151 4762421

Wireless alarms Liverpool. For all your wireless alarms requirements our new website is now up and running. Have a quick look, you can even SKYPE, direct to myself Chris Saphier, asking questions, about your own wireless alarm, or enquirer about one of our systems,

Samsung galaxy S4

Technology fans are gearing up for one of the biggest product launches so far in 2013 - Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone. The unveiling will take place later in New York, with the South Korean firm hoping to set a new benchmark for its rivals. Rumours circulating on the internet suggest the handset will have a high definition five-inch screen, a 13-megapixel camera and a powerful eight-core processor. There is also speculation that users may be able to scroll the screen using just their eye movements. The handset's predecessor, the Galaxy S3, was a massive success for Samsung following its release last year. It quickly became the standard bearer for Android phones and, combined with the firm's other devices, helped the company overtake Apple as the world's biggest-selling smartphone maker. However, the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone globally and Apple also has a slightly larger market share in the US. The stateside launch is therefore being seen

Burglar alarm history

HISTORY, THE BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM A bit Of history on Burglar Alarms On June 21, 1853 the first electro magnetic burglar alarm patent was issued to Augustus Pope. It operated off of the use of a battery and was an individual unit for each window or door. The bell, which rang from an electric current streaming through a magnet causing it to vibrate, was mounted on top of the door frame into the wall. Wires ran from a spring "key" in the door/window through a circuit breaker near the bell, allowing the current to run constantly once the door/window tripped the spring. This electronic version of an alarm system is a great improvement on the previous bell systems where clock work and other devices were used to ring a bell less efficiently. On October 11, 1853 in the same town of Somerville, not too longer after Augustus' patent, G.F. Milliken filed a patent for the improvement on this ground breaking electro-magnetic alarm. He designed the ala

New website

It is NOT always practical to have a wired alarm system in your home or office. If it's a new build property, no one wants wires under new carpets and holes made in walls and ceilings Absolute wireless alarms Liverpool, will be able to guide you to choosing and installing the right burglar alarm system for you. We provide a complete design and installation service for all types of security equipment, including wired alarms. New website comming soon, for wireless alarm installations. We will post to our blog, when finished. It's all you want to know about wireless alarms. No DIY systems, just professional systems at a realistic price. Call Chris on 0151 4762421 for further information