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God bless all

Our thoughts prayers go to all in the Philippines Typhoon today it's tragic thing to happen God bless all.

Twitter on the stock market

 #ring #twitter on the stock market! it's a good #business tool hope it brings us lots of business  keep #tweeting...  A video from C NET FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @absolute alarms FOLLOW UN ON FACE BOOK

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Image Why not take a quick look at our face book page, give us a quick look and a like please.

Our websites

Over the next few weeks our websites will be getting a makeover,  things such as a better design, easier to navigate,  We are creating a programme, app, that will let you give a description of faults you may have on your alarm system, giving you a price of how much it will cost you before we arrive at your property. You will be able to select type of alarm system, give information on what you require, and we can give you a price for the system, and a date that you can choose to have installation carried out, without even making a phone call. We are also adding a Callander, that will be live, so you can set time and date for a repair, this information will be sent to the engineer, so without speaking you can make appointments direct to us. This service will be for quotations or repairs. LINKS TO OUR WEBSITES htt

We are liver pools most popular alarm installation company

Have a look around #GOOGLE, we are the most popular, domestic #alarm installation company on #merseyside. And #liverpool. Is your alarm system due for service or repair, or even an upgrade,  If you haven't got a security system, then shouldn't you think about getting a system installed. Give us a call today 07973 921680 0800 8600 316 0151 4762421

It's time to protect your home

Get ready for winter nights With 649,000 instances of burglary recorded in the past year*,  it's time to be vigilant as darker nights draw in. Many responsibilities for the security of your property are important, for you, your family and insurance company's  While crime rates vary across the country and within cities and towns, it is always sensible to take precautions to reduce risks to you and your possessions. With regard to financial risk, we can often undervalue the cost of our  possessions and this issue can be particularly acute, Should the worst happen, the blow of a burglary can be reduced by having adequate insurance in place and copies of receipts for expensive items. MOST INSURANCE COMPANY'S, would try not to pay out in most claims as we know, unless you have a security system, fully working, up to standards, and regularly tested and inspected.    Protect your contents, you and your family, with a security system from Absolute Security. We provide a wired or wi

Ipad air

Hi I've been using the new iPad air now for 24 hrs. The tablet is supper fast, easier to hold in hand when doing work, games, movies. I've got the 32gig version, I can see me keeping this for a few years.