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Bell box no label

A BLANK LOOKING BELL BOX.  Is your bell box on your alarm system blank with no logo or company name ? This is a sign that a Electriction, DIY or none established alarm installer has installed your system.  It’s not a good thing to do as  it gives impression that it’s DIY system or a false box.  If your have a wireless system then the chances you are having a maintenance service scheduled with the installer is not likely and when things go wrong, getting in contact with your installer is not to easy In many cases we also have noticed people are not aware how to fully use or operate there system.    If you would like your bell box labelled  FREE OF CHARGE.  Give you a free Check of your alarm system. Wired or Wireless.  GIVE US A CALL  01514762421 07973921680 08008600316

Pyronix pro control app

Hi all Ifyou have had a HIKVISION CCTV system installed, Download the Pro control + app by pyronix. It will control your CCTV system and our wireless alarm system. All in one app Give us a call after holidays, if you want Alarm or CCTV installed. Have both installed with fantastic discounts in January. If you already have Hikvision CCTV, call about our wireless alarm system You can call us on: 0151 4762421 07973921680 08008600316 O yes all the best for Christmas and the new year from Chris Absolute alarms

Merry Christmas

May we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  From Absolute Alarms Liverpool

Get this before Christmas

Hi all. Get this alarm system for £395 before Christmas. Pyronix enforcer 2 Pet PIR  detectors 1 door contact. 1 Bell box on front of property 1 dummy bell box an back Control panel Installation The Pyronix phone app will give you full control of your alarm system Full and part settings. Your phone will alert you if alarm system is activated Give me a call on: 07973921680 01514762421 08008600316