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In today’s world, no house is safe. Even daytime can create the same problem as times during night. Your home security should be your priority, and the safety of your house would certainly give peace in the back of your mind.  The question however, remains how would you make your house safe. You could be an earning member of your family, and your spouse also turns up at a nearby office. Your children are at school, and no one stays at home for the better part of the day. You can’t rely on anyone. It’s exactly during such times you will require a phone alarm monitoring system.  Absolute can help your house get protected from any kind of burglary. The security system is easy to operate, and you can set the system in no time.  You will be able to choose your alarm options. There is a range of alarm protection system, right from standards which is much cheaper, to more advanced alarm system All the systems are pet sensitive, and it is packed with high decibel alarm and motion detector.

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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms Working smoke alarms are a vital protection from the dangers of fire in the home. They provide the  early warning  and precious time which can save lives and prevent injury. The smoke alarm message, and in many cases, the installation of smoke alarms themselves,  are among the most important community fire safety priorities for brigades. The aim of having working smoke alarms in every home is also a high government priority. In May 2000, a ministerial initiative resulted in the formation of a joint fire and insurance  industry/Home Office working group to  take forward the strategy for achieving this  widespread ownership and protection.  The National Community Fire Safety Centre (NCFSC)  Fire Action Plan campaign in September 2000 is part of a long-term initiative which will heighten  awareness of the importance of smoke alarms, bringing   together campaigns  and information, industry support, research, and the practical experience and expertise of fire  serv

Blue Line Gen 2 Motion detectors

Blue Line Gen 2 Motion detectors  include the passive infrared (PIR), the Quad PIR detectors and the TriTech detectors that combine PIR and microwave technologies for more advanced analysis. All models use an interchangeable mounting base, enabling easy upgrades to more advanced detection technology in areas prone to false alarms. In addition, pet-friendly models can be set to “No Pet” to allow customers to use the same product in multiple applications, reducing inventory for security dealers. For easy installation, the self-locking, two piece enclosure, integrated biaxial bubble level and removable terminal strip in the base reduce mounting time to mere seconds. The commercial grade terminal strip is designed to prevent incorrect wiring and eliminate future service calls. A flexible mounting height allows the detectors to be positioned from2.3 to 2.7 meters (seven to nine feet) without adjustment, assuring no coverage gaps up to twelve meters (40 feet) away from the detector. Pet-f

Infinite® prime wireless alarm system

Infinite® prime offers all the functionality of infinite® in addition to some enviable additional capabilities including a built in speech dialler. Infinite® prime can be installed to BS-EN50131:2006 Grade 2 Class 2. Supplied with Infintie Bell Box - ES WES  Alarm systems are all about detecting the presence of people, particularly intruders. Prime, however, also has the ability to use standard motion detectors to detect absence of movement, making it ideal for added protection of vulnerable people or lone workers. When no motion is detected within a pre-set time an alert will be triggered and conveyed to the appropriate person.. 32 wireless zones Fm based secure transmission 868mhz European standard Up to 8 keyfob Up to 4 wirefree keypads Built-in LCD (2 row x 16 character) with user-friendly menu-driven interface Compact stylish design Very loud internal siren - 85dB 250m open field transmission range 32 user codes Custom end-user descriptors for each user, z


Visonic launches new IP management platform PowerManage 22 Apr 11 Home security company Visonic Ltd has launched PowerManage, the company's latest version of its IP management platform. PowerManage has been designed to serve as the all-in-one IP receiver for Visonic security systems via broadband and GPRS, supervising the alarm system and forwarding events to the central station's automation platform. It also delivers features and tools that aid collaborative central station teamwork, Visonic said. This means a central station can assign various levels of access rights to its installers and maintenance personnel as well as maintain a comprehensive view of security activities and perform alarm system maintenance remotely. Remote amangement features Other remote management features include arming and disarming of the alarm system, panel programming, diagnostics, background batch operations and mass configurations, support for visual alarm verification in burglary events as well

Veritas Alarm System

My company has been installing these panels for over 9 years. The veritas range of panels are excellant.  If your installing as a one off DIY job your better off getting a company in to do it.  Programming the Veritas panels can be difficult.  There is quite alot of info in the installation manual to take in as a DIY job.  One example is, when you part set the panel zones 5,6 and 7 will only cause an internal alarm and nothing goes off out side.  This is a factory setting and if you need to change it you could spend some time figuring it out.  These panels have lots of little supprises like this when programming them.

Tyco's IP SpeedDome distributed

Tyco's IP SpeedDome distributed  16 Jun 11 Tyco's American Dynamics IP SpeedDome is now being distributed through Norbain. The camera, which boasts ONVIF compatibility should also work with American Dynamics recorders and the American Dynamics Illustra Connect tool. “This means that IP SpeedDomes can be quickly located on the network for fast installation and configuration,” a press release by Norbain said, “and makes the IP SpeedDome range some of the easiest and quickest cameras to install on the market." The IP SpeedDome has 540 and 470 TVL resolution with H.264, Mjpeg, Mpeg4 and Active Content Compression (ACC) video compression technology, in addition to real time 25 IPS at D1 resolution. It has full stream sharing for up to 16 users. Available in 35x and 22x optical zoom variants, the cameras have been made with built-in web server for camera configuration via Internet Explorer version 6 or higher, and to provide remote access to presets, tours, privacy zoneas well a

Toshiba CCTV Cameras

Toshiba CCTV Cameras Maintaining top notch and tight security and surveillance is always of great importance, making it more than necessary for you to make sure that you do your homework when it comes to finding the best closed circuit TV cameras. However, one of the top names that makes it easy to instantly find the type of quality that you can truly count is Toshiba. Toshiba CCTV cameras feature a level of reliable functionality that continues to make them an absolute favorite among homeowners and big businesses alike. One of the reasons as to why Toshiba CCTV cameras continue to rise in popularity is because they carry a variety of different models which makes it easy for both individuals and businesses to find closed circuit TV cameras that will easily integrate into an existing security system or help to create a brand new security system from scratch. As part of the variety that is offered by Toshiba CCTV cameras, you can look for those that feature wireless capabilities with str

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video, a business unit of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.,  is now offering a two-megapixel IP network dome camera featuring an IP66-rated housing that  safeguards it from extreme weather and vandalism. The IK-WR12A camera features a gasketed, all-steel housing combined with a built-in heater/blower for  installation in outdoor applications. Traffic monitoring, airports, railway stations and city-wide surveillance are the makers claim suitable applications, as well as indoors where cameras are at risk from tampering, vandalism or accidental damage. Because of its two-megapixel resolution a single IK-WR12A can cover a wide-area installation,  such as a city street or parking lot, that formerly required two to four standard resolution  cameras, according to the company. For more information, visit - Source:

wireless detector beam products by Optex.

ADI Global Distribution is to distribute wireless detector beam products by Optex. ADI has also launched a joint promotion with the manufactuer on itsAX-TFR wireless beam products. For the rest of June, ADI is to offer free batteries for the 60m AX-200TF and AX-200TFRTI range to all installers. “Optex has seen a dramatic increase in demand for active beams last year as installers of external detection systems insisted upon improved performance and cost efficiency,” Paul Nicholas, Optex’s divisional manager, said. “The introduction of the battery powered Optex active beams provides a solution to both these requirements.” The Optex AXTFR range has been made with active beam technology to create a flexible detection solution that delivers defined detection capability and reliable performance. “We are delighted with the wireless offering on active beams,” Julie Hartley, intruder product manager at ADI, said. “They are a great addition to the current wired product range and give the flexib

the cloud

Could the cloud  be the next generation in video surveillance storage? The world of enterprise video-surveillance storage has changed much over the past 15 years: from VHS to the DVR, and later to IP solutions. But there’s increasing speculation that ‘cloud’ could be the next big storage innovation in surveillance. A cloud based solution is very appealing to enterprise customers because it offers flexibility to customers who pay only for what they use. Cloud also offers efficiency to companies who can save on the power, cooling, and management costs of their own datacentres. Customers have two options for going to the cloud: public or private. William Rhodes, IMS market analyst, said: “It is early days for enterprise customers to use public cloud-based video-surveillance solutions; one recent trend is to using off-site backup of ‘critical’ or ‘sensitive’ cameras. “For many enterprise customers, local storage with off-site backup is the only cloud- based option available, because bandw

the new Liverpool Kit

Well Well Well Look at the new Liverpool kit, what do you think ?.

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We are now installing the latest  Wireless Burglar Alarms  in homes across merseyside. These include, Text message alerts to your phone (with GSM module), The system dials your mobile so you can listen in and talk, 28 fully wireless zones with the option for one wired zone, very neat main control panel, Totally wire free bell box with 3 years battery life. Wireless personal attack alarm, Easy on/off with up to 8 remote key fobs, Wireless smoke detectors to ensure complete protection You can have a system installed within Hrs, of making your call to us, on  0800 8600 316 POWER MAX + Wireless alarm system Comprising of: One Visonic PowerMax+ panel Two Visonic key fobs (MCT-234 One Visonic Door contact (MCT-320) Visonic Wireless bell box (MCS-710 Two Visonic pet tolerant PIR detectors (K985) A free decoy bell box, for back of property. Get the  full kit above installed in your property, with a 12 month warranty.  THIS SYSTEM WAS  £344.00 ,  FOR A FULL INSTALLATION, GET IT NOW FOR JUST


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THE POWER MAX  What do you get for your hard earned money?  Well you get the control panel obviously, 2 key fobs if you will which you can remotely access the alarm system and you will also get  PIR sensors.  So once we opened up the box and got rid of the packaging we did what we always do and tried to set up the system using solely the manufacturer’s user manual for the alarm kit.  One thing that Visonic has got correct is the fact that they know their target audience, they got their branding spot on and the set up is tailored to those with no home security experience what so ever. That gives Visonic mega brownie points in the eye of Cool Home Security as we always feel that there are far too many companies these days creating their manuals as if the only people that will use their alarms are individuals with a brain the size of a small planet. We will never understand why they do this; it’s as if wireless security setup is an exclusive club with only tech geeks and brain boxes with

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