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iOS 7 bugs

3 bugs in ios 7 1 try closing 3 apps together, by. Dibble tapping home button, swiping three apps up together with three fingers, the icon in the middle stays on the screen and you can still open it This works on iPhone and iPad 2 on iPhone rename one of your folders,, reboot iPhone, the folder has the same name as before you renamed it, after a reboot. 3 on some third party apps, such as fat notes, make a phone call such as using answer phone, open app and try using it on speaker phone, it won't let you input as you are using phone, I use this for taking notes every day on iOS 6, hopefully this gets fixed. Last of all, try using reminders, if you used it before as a Callander reminder, it's absolutely rubbish now on iOS 7, I now use apple Callander, should have used it before, maybe it's a good thing as I don't use fat notes or reminders, just Callander    Have you found any bugs yet?


Absolute Alarms IOS 7 for iPhone and iPad, coming today in the UK, later this evening, I will be installing onto, iPhone 4S and iPad 2, is this going to be a good upgrade? I'll post a little review, or thought of what I think later, after installing. IF YOU ARE GOING TO UPGRADE YOUR IOS, PLEASE BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE INSTALLATION.

iPhone 5c 5s

Have you pre ordered the new iPhone 5c  today? Or will you be in a Big line outside Appel, next week for the new iPhone 5s? Let us know, like, comment. I think if you have the iPhone 5, it may not be a big upgrade for you, however if you have a 4s or earlier iPhone, I think iPhone 5s is a good upgrade. IOS 7 is due for release on iPad and iPhone on Wednesday, I think is good, a little strange at first, but after a while, you do get to appreciate the update. A new iPhone 5s, with IOS 7, will be a big upgrade. Apple have a good way of keeping things that so as not to make a big change, without leaving others in the past with there old apple products.

Our website from absolute  wireless alarms Liverpool, from absolute alarms, has had over 5000 hits since its launch since march. Absolute has only used this website for Merseyside, we think this isn't a bad result for a small company 


Luke absolute alarms on Facebook. We install burglar alarm systems for Liverpool and Merseyside

Wireless alarms from absolute

Image  we have only had this new local website up since February 2013. We have had over 4000 hits and sold outstanding amounts of wireless alarms systems this year. We believe we give best value for money  on our wireless systems, without subjecting you to contracts or gimmicks. If you are in the merseyside region, then call us for a free quotation, remember we only use pro systems, starting off with grades of class 2 grade 2 systems. NO DIY wireless alarms Liverpool, we are approved wireless alarm installers. wireless alarms Liverpool, provide a friendly installation service. We have over 20 years experience, 0151 476 2421 or 07973 92168 0

Five Most Common Reasons Alarms Develop Faults

Also it should be remembered that in a full security alarm service, there are other tests which have not been mentioned in this article and it’s always advisable to have your alarm serviced from time to time by a qualified engineer. Absolute can do a simple service from just £29. Call Chris on 0151 4762421 or 0800 8600316 or 07973 921680 You can guarantee that virtually every single time I am called out to repair a burglar alarm, it is one of  five faults that usually occur Probably the biggest fault that you get on a security alarm which has been installed for over five years, or a system that has not had a service in that time, is the internal battery on the panel will be completely dead. Sometimes this has caused the 1.2 AMP on the circuit board which is in line with the trickle charger to blow. This means there is no rechargeable current going into the battery any more. The second biggest fault I would think is that the tamper circuit on the control panel has gone open-circuit. T