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KP-250 PG2 visonic keypad, don't buy if you install wireless alarms

EKP-250 PG2 do not buy this product  Two-way keypad especially designed to work with the hidden PowerMaster-33 G2 panel, and also works with PowerMaster-10 G2 and PowerMaster-30 G2 Don't buy this keypad  Hear is my own personal experience of installing the power-master system with remote keypad  KP-250 PG2 in my home and how Visonic have dealt with the situation when things have gone wrong.  I have been installing alarm systems in the domestic market for over 20 years. About 6 years ago I started installing Visonic wireless systems as I found these systems to be the most stable wireless intruder alarm system on the market for domestic and light commercial installations.  The reasons why I have installed power-master 30 in my home, was because I had a lot of renovation work and had to remove my old Galaxy16 alarm system which left me to make a choice of a wired or a wireless system, so the power-master 30 was the best wireless system for me, so I thought MY SYSTEM I HAVE IN MY HOME: