Visonic launches new IP management platform PowerManage

22 Apr 11
Home security company Visonic Ltd has launched PowerManage, the company's latest version of its IP management platform.
PowerManage has been designed to serve as the all-in-one IP receiver for Visonic security systems via broadband and GPRS, supervising the alarm system and forwarding events to the central station's automation platform.
It also delivers features and tools that aid collaborative central station teamwork, Visonic said. This means a central station can assign various levels of access rights to its installers and maintenance personnel as well as maintain a comprehensive view of security activities and perform alarm system maintenance remotely.
Remote amangement features
Other remote management features include arming and disarming of the alarm system, panel programming, diagnostics, background batch operations and mass configurations, support for visual alarm verification in burglary events as well as in panic and fire events and message dispatching to homeowners.
"We developed PowerManage after lengthy discussions with central monitoring stations and alarm receiving centers" said Laila Arad-Allan, at Visonic.
"The need for reduced on-site visits was identified across the board. The new features we implemented for remote control of Visonic alarm systems, remote maintenance and diagnostics no doubt answer this need. We are confident PowerManage will help central stations reduce costs significantly and enhance their services."


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