What do you get for your hard earned money?  Well you get the control panel obviously, 2 key fobs if you will which you can remotely access the alarm system and you will also get  PIR sensors. 
The Visonic Powermax Wireless Home Security Alarm SystemSo once we opened up the box and got rid of the packaging we did what we always do and tried to set up the system using solely the manufacturer’s user manual for the alarm kit.  One thing that Visonic has got correct is the fact that they know their target audience, they got their branding spot on and the set up is tailored to those with no home security experience what so ever.
That gives Visonic mega brownie points in the eye of Cool Home Security as we always feel that there are far too many companies these days creating their manuals as if the only people that will use their alarms are individuals with a brain the size of a small planet.
We will never understand why they do this; it’s as if wireless security setup is an exclusive club with only tech geeks and brain boxes with an invite.  Don’t get us wrong, you won’t find bigger tech geeks than us at Cool Home Security but when you consider that these devices will be used by people from all different aspects of life, young and old you begin to realise the importance of a user manual “for dummies” when setting up alarms.
Aesthetically the alarm ticks all the right boxes.  It has a very nice design that can be said is quite original when comparing it to other wireless security systems out there.  It’s not a futuristic design by any means but it certainly looks quite stylish and would find a home in any fashion conscious alarm lovers (Do they even exist?).

How Durable Is The Visonic Powermax Wireless Home Security Device?

We found that the installation went pretty straight forward; we managed to hang it up on the wall without any issues to said alarm or wall.  Once we installed the anti tamper features it comes with we then proceeded with giving it a good thumping.
We like to call it our “Durability test”.  If you are a regular reader of our alarm reviews you will already know what the test involves.  For those new to the site we simply take a hammer and try and smash the alarm off the wall.
Why do we do this?  Simple, it’s because we are clinically insane.
Not really, we do it because if you are in the unfortunate situation where a burglar has entered your house and your alarm goes off; the thief will 99 times out of 100 take one of two different choices.  He/she (equal rights and all) with either run out of your house as fast as they can or they will try to bash the alarm in the desperate hopes that the siren will fall silent.
The sad fact is that sometimes the burglar is successful when they try this, and that is why it is important to test the durability of the alarm once it is secure in your houses.  What use would our wireless alarm reviews be if we praised an alarm system only to find that our mailbox was overflowing with angry folk complaining about the fact their alarms got smashed off the wall and they were on the receiving end of a nasty break and entering episode.
No one wants that to happen hence we will continue to smash alarms with a hammer.  In addition to this it’s a rather fun thing to do too.  It can be a bit of a pain to tidy the remains of the alarm up but every silver lining has a cloud.
Long story short, the Visonic Powermax passed the durability test and although the alarm did come off the wall eventually, it took a while to get the alarm to stop.  This ensures us that whoever tries to break in to a house with this system set up they will be in for a hard time.
We would like to end this review by saying that the Visonic is a great piece of hardware, it does have some minor issue with regards to the manual but the diagrams are probably enough to allow even the most non-technological individual set the device up.
We can confidently say that this wireless home security system will keep you and your family safe.  It looks good, it’s secure, it’s a bit pricey but it’s still a very robust piece of home security.  The Visonic Powermax alarm review gets a score of 7 out of 10.


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