Carragher relishing start of pre-season

Jamie Carragher

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jamie-carragher-relishing-start-of-pre-season-training-100252-28979820/#ixzz1R2IYuLOJSOME 43 days after their gutsy late push for Europe fell short at Villa Park, Liverpool FC’s players will return to Melwood on Monday.
With aching limbs rested and batteries recharged, they will embark on a crucial pre-season programme as Kenny Dalglish bids to ensure his first full campaign back in the Anfield hot-seat gets off to a flying start.
After the rapid progress made under Dalglish in the second half of last term, Jamie Carragher can’t wait to get back to work.
The inspirational defender is relishing what will be his 16th campaign at Anfield.
“I’m really looking forward to getting back into it,” he said.
“We’ve had longer than usual off this year and I want to get started now.
“At the end of the season you’re ready for a holiday and a rest but by halfway through your time off the focus turns to the following season.
“You start getting excited again. I feel refreshed and ready.
“It’s a new start and there’s a new sense of optimism.
“Our form in the second half of last season was very good and we need to ensure we prepare well and get off to a decent start this season.”
The first day of pre-season training used to trigger fear among players.
They would be pointed in the direction of the steepest hill and put through a punishing schedule until they had run off the excesses of the summer break.
However, times have changed. With the advances in sports science, each player now his own specially designed programme to ensure he’s able to perform at his optimum level.


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